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123 Movies Sonic 2 HEDGEHOG streaming Online

Introducing 123 movies sonic 2 THE HEDGEHOG 2, the latest adventure from the world’s favorite blue hedgehog. Sonic is eager to prove he’s a true hero after settling in Green Hills. In search of an emerald that can destroy civilizations, Dr. Robotnik returns with Knuckles, a brand-new partner. Together with Tails, Sonic embarks on a globe-trotting journey to find the emerald before it is lost.

  • The Sonic 2 HEDGEHOG is rated PG (Mild Language| Action| Rude Humor| Some Violence).
  • This movie is in the following genres: Kids & Family, Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy
  • The original language is English
  • Jeff Fowler is the director
  • Production team: Neal H. Moritz, Toby Ascher, Toru Nakahara, Hitoshi Okuno
  • The writers are Pat Casey, Worm Miller, and John Whittington
  • The release date (theatres) is April 8, 2022.
  • Date of release (streaming): May 24, 2022
  • The film grossed $190.7 million in the USA at the box office
  • Duration: 2 hours and 2 minutes
  • A Paramount Pictures company distributes
  • DTS Atmos and DTS Digital sound mixes
  • Scope of the aspect ratio (2.35:1)

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This is a brief summary of Sonic 2 HEDGEHOG

Dr Robotnik returns to Earth with a new ally of his own, Knuckles the Echidna, when he returns to Earth with a new army. The only thing standing in the way of Sonic and his new friend Tails is Sonic himself. In terms of video game adaptations, this has got to be the most entertaining of all in the history of video games.

As Dr Robotnik, Jim Carrey plays the role so well, and this time he does it even better. Throughout this film I was reminded of Sonic Adventure moments, the director did a fantastic job and definitely had some knowledge about the game. The past couple of years have triggered a lot of nostalgia among those of us who grew up playing Sonic on the Dreamcast/Nintendo. This incredible follow up to the Blue Justice is highly recommended. 


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